“It’s About God’s Business & His Affairs!”

Junia Arise is not just an empowerment event for women. There are thousands of power-packing conferences held annually and books published continually that have been helping women to survive and overcome a long time; especially in light of being relegated to the back and to the sideslines of life in both church and culture.

Junia Arise is not just a birthing center for new ideas and fresh desires nestled within the female womb and feminine heart. Women have been birthing out ministries and businesses for a long while in back rooms of intercession and side places of equipping for centuries – because the local church has not always been a safe place & sterile environment to bring to term what the Lord has planted deep within.

Junia Arise is not just a Ministry & Marketplace platform to stage & mic emerging powerhouses and feature the best and brightest in a network or following; although such times are necessary in order to spotlight the unknown and highlight the ‘new next’ that the Lord is showcasing to groom and strengthen the future skills of His Body & Bride.

Junia Arise is an Ancient #ArcheologicalTool, and Historic #SealBreaker on Biblical Documents concerning God’s Will about Women and their call to the highest levels of leadership in His Kingdom. It is a #TimeCapsuledinstrumentation of #HiddenRecords that are centuries old and verified by the blood covenant of Christ. Yet these files, from Holy Writ, have been erroneously manipulated & heinously misconstrued (mostly by religious spirits) in attempts to forge, bury, and destroy their validity and utterly silence and remove the ‘gift of womanhood’ from having equal access and full participation on the 7 Mountains and within the public square. Such behavior is born out of clear rebellion against God Almighty!

Junia Arise is a #DateStamp designed by Heaven for this generation to unveil the Truth, Light & Love of Almighty God for the Female and to restore His #GovernmentalEdict concerning Junia, the 1st Woman Apostle. This act of #SpiritualJurisprudence will unlock and release all women for all times (born and unborn) – both inside and outside the Kingdom from the shackles and prisons of ‘second-class’ labels and will ultimately bring forth (beyond this lifetime) the full restoration of our female sonship as rightful heirs of the King of Glory.

Junia Arise is a #LegislativeConvening of aligned, assembled, and assertive Apostolic Women on the Frontlines of Change – whether titled, licensed and ordained or not! Therefore, #HistoryAgents and a #GoverningBody must fearlessly converge on the #NationsCapitol to sign and seal (with life-giving ink) the end of a #DarkEra and the dawning of a #NewEpoch! This is truly what Junia Arise is all about. It is scripturally massive and historically boundless. Therefore it is not about any specific group of women or any single man. #JuniaArise is about God’s Global Enterprise and His Eternal Affairs.

If this resonates within you, then receive your been #OfficialSummons and #NoticeToAppear in the #CourtofAppeals. You have been so ordered to bring with you #PersonalTestimony. Yes! This is an #UrgentSummons to those chosen and assigned as #TrueWitnesses. I have no choice in this matter. I’ve been summoned by The King! What about you? JuniaArise.Eventbrite.com 

Dr. Yolanda Powell

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JUNIA ARISE: Apostolic Women on the Frontlines

July 11-14 Washington DC

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