Our story

I want to welcome you to Phase One of our new EPIC website and encourage you to have a look around. But much more than that, I want to invite you to join us on an exciting journey of a lifetime – an “EPIC” apostolic adventure – a quest to search out and discover what is next on the horizon for the Kingdom of God and what the trajectory of the Kingdom is in this season. Where are we headed? And how do we get there?

God for the past 2000 years has moved in times and seasons of revival, reformation and restoration to upgrade His church through biblical “present truth” and the through revelation of the Holy Spirit bringing major deliverance from the cumulative effects of tradition and religion that always seeks to make ineffective the Word of God in order handicapping the ekklesia from powerfully carrying out its mission to advance the Kingdom in the earth.

There is always an awkward transition season to pass through as the church moves toward the “new thing” God is about to do. He will begin to awaken a remnant of “new breed” leaders that have been in places of preparation to lead the way for the “next big thing” on His agenda. He said in Isaiah “Behold I do a new thing – do you not perceive it?” He is saying – can’t you see it? You have to see it to begin to walk in it.

There is a holy dissatisfaction arising in a remnant in the ekklesia – the body of Christ. A cry from the heart that says, There must be more! And God will always raise up deliverers – apostolic and prophetic leaders that He has had in preparation for the new season. He will reveal patterns and blueprints for “new wineskin” structures that will be able to contain the “new wine” of what He is pouring out. And He will gather like-minded individuals who are hearing the sound – the sound of His voice from heaven to gather into a tribe ready to move in unity as a new movement is being birthed in the earth.

EPIC Global Network – E7 – we believe is such a movement. We don’t claim to have all the answers – but we do claim to have an intimate relationship with the One who does. EPIC is a multi-dimensional, multi-generational, and multi-cultural network and movement of “new breed” leaders with a new mentality in pursuit of all God has for us in this generation.


We are coming from various backgrounds, different denominational and church experiences and distinctives, and from different nations. But we are all in pursuit of the Living God and His plans and purpose for this generation – to discover how powerfully God desires to use His people and the ekklesia to advance His Kingdom into the 7 mountains of influence and culture.

If something is already stirring in your spirit, then perhaps the Holy Spirit is witnessing to you that you are tracking accurately. Seek the Lord and pray about it. I want to encourage you to also check out our Phase One website here along with our Facebook pages. God will let you know if EPIC is right for you – if it’s a place where you can grow as a leader and discover and develop more and more aspects of your calling and ministry, as you find and take your place of destiny in God’s epic story.

Send us an email if you have any questions. Or if you’re ready to act, hit the “Join The Movement” button for more information on how to connect. I’ve been in international apostolic ministry now for over 30 years, having ministered in 90 countries and traveling more than 8-9 million miles around the planet. Somebody might ask, isn’t it is time to retire already. No – not at all. Just time to refire and pour my life into a new generation of sons and daughters – of anointed leaders that will shake cities and nations bringing transformation through the good news of the Kingdom of God, and through the extravagant love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Join us on this incredible EPIC journey. It’s going to be amazing!!
Apostle Axel Sippach
EPIC Visionary/Overseer