Jacob, after having received his father’s instruction and blessing, embarks on a journey fleeing from his brother Esau whom he learned desires to kill him.

On his way to Haran he stops to rest and has a dream as recorded in Genesis 28:10-22 in which he sees a ladder or stairway reaching from earth to heaven. He sees angels of God ascending and descending, with the Lord standing above the stairway proclaiming to Jacob who He is, and what He promises to do for him.

When Jacob awakes, he says: “Surely the Lord is in this place and I was not aware of it. How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven.” The next morning he calls the place – Bethel, meaning house of God.

Can you imagine what this dream did for Jacob’s faith and confidence in his time of anxiety?

It’s a powerful revelation Jacob receives – that God was with him even in his time of fear, as he was on the run from Esau’s murderous intentions.

It’s interesting that in the dream the angels are first ascending to God in heaven before descending back down to earth.

That means they were already just waiting for him to get there.
Isn’t it amazing how God has given us such an elevated place of partnership with Him as we are called to be involved with His plans and purpose in the earth?

Our destinies are so important and strategically linked to God’s plan for each generation that they actually include an open heaven gateway for angelic intervention. They are watching over our lives and destinies and ascending to heaven for instructions, and descending back down with answers and strategies.

Father – open our eyes to see this incredible invisible gateway to heaven, and the multitudes of angels ready to go into action on our behalf. Thank you for your word that is life and spirit, and for your rhema word that causes faith to come. In Jesus name!

Axel Sippach