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WHAT IS JUNIA ARISE?  “It’s About God’s Business & His Affairs!” Junia Arise is not just an empowerment event for women. There are thousands of power-packing conferences held annually and books published continually that have been helping women to survive and overcome a long time; especially in light of being relegated to the back and […]


This is EPIC Global Network’s 3rd annual Summit to be held at the Wyndam Resort, Disney Springs, Orlando, Florida January 3-6, 2018. Our theme this year is “GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN” from Joshua 14:12 when Caleb says to Joshua that he’s ready to go take his mountain that the Lord had promised him. Are you […]

Jacob, after having received his father’s instruction and blessing, embarks on a journey fleeing from his brother Esau whom he learned desires to kill him. On his way to Haran he stops to rest and has a dream as recorded in Genesis 28:10-22 in which he sees a ladder or stairway reaching from earth to […]

EPIC Global Network’s second annual Summit will be be held January 4-7, 2017 at the Lake Buena Vista Sheraton in Orlando, Florida. I founded and launched EPIC just one year ago on August 28, 2015, and we are seeing great momentum and growth in the US and other nations. Our first inaugural Summit “A Gathering […]

So many white people just don’t get it, and I feel like I have to always be apologizing for the ignorance and insensitivities of some of them. According to a lot of white people, African-Americans should just get over it and sweep the injustice of centuries of slavery and the subsequent Jim Crow era under […]

EPIC TIMES AT THE 60TH UN COMMISSION ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN March 14 through March 24, 2016 New York, New York “A totally eye-opening and heart-moving experience!” That was my take-away as the EPIC delegation leader privileged to attend the 60th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, this past spring, in the […]

GIRL – GET UP!!!!!! APOSTOLIC WOMEN – ARISE!!!!! TABITHA (DORCAS) In Acts 9: 36-42 she is named as a disciple – a follower of Christ – only female in NT directly called a disciple (student). Only place the female form of disciple is used. She is commended for good works and charity. She wove clothing […]

Today is the beginning of Black History Month in the United States, and the title of this post is from a revelation and message God gave me more than a decade ago, and one I preached at Crusaders Church Chicago. “The Resident Anointing in the Black Experience” was perhaps a bit of a strange message […]

I am so excited that Dr. Yolanda Powell will be leading a team of several women who are leaders in the EPIC Global Network to participate in this incredibly important by-invitation-only 60th UN Women’s Conference. Since security is very tight, they have had to go through the thorough security clearance process for permission to enter […]

Many people upon hearing this term for the first time are asking the question: What is the 7 Mountain mandate? Scripture is replete with references concerning mountains in both the New and Old Testaments. Certain mountains were places of encounter where God met with those he had chosen, such as Moses and Mt. Sinai and […]

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We all know that South Africa has its share of issues and challenges in this season spiritually, politically, socially and economically.

Daniel was a prophet with extreme favor upon his life who became strategically positioned as key advisor to the king of Babylon because he was 10X better than all of the other king’s psychic occultic advisors.