Apostle John Eckhardt
Crusaders Church

I have known and travelled the nations with Axel Sippach for over 25 years and I have seen his passion to advance the kingdom throughout the world. He has trained and imparted wisdom to countless spiritual sons and daughters, and has helped leaders move into their destinies around the globe.

He is tireless in his efforts to prepare the next generation to continue the work of building strong apostolic churches, add adhd drugs europe, and affecting their regions through the power of God.

I recommend EPIC to those who want apostolic oversight and fellowship with like minded leaders on an international level. It is important to be in proper relationships if you are to reach your full potential. Apostolic networks provide impartation, activation, and revelation that can help launch ministries into their destinies and godly purpose.

EPIC is a network that is poised to help bring about global change and reformation.

Axel Sippach has wisdom from years of faithfulness to his call and ministry, and has a desire to release it to as many who will receive. Be blessed through his ministry, and receive what he has to offer through his preaching, teaching, impartation, oversight, and counsel.

Apostle John Eckhardt

Crusaders Church Chicago


Dr. Bruce Cook

I heartily endorse Axel Sippach and the EPIC Global Network and commend him as an apostolic father and senior apostle in the earth today. Axel is a man of absolute integrity and authentic revelation.

He has a personal relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Abba Father, and is a man of vision and a dynamic communicator and leader.

I bless Axel and his apostolic tribe as they embark on this EPIC journey together. He is a trusted friend and wise masterbuilder and architekton.

Dr. Bruce Cook

Dr. Stan DeKoven

“Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God. In this case, moreover, it is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy (faithful). ( I Corinthians 4: 1,2)

Dr. Axel Sippach is a servants servant, faithful in his apostolic call, and committed to seeing the Kingdom of God expand until “the earth is covered with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” (Hab. 2:14)

I have had the privilege of working with Axel for over 30 years, beginning when he pastored in Seattle, WA, overseeing one of our Vision International University Resource Centers. Even then, he was focused on preparing the next generation for the greater things of God, raising up and nurturing future apostolic leaders.  

Epic Global Network provides an opportunity for apostolic men and women to find a place of true fellowship, strategic planning, networking for greater kingdom service, and continued resourcing for personal and corporate growth.

Whether one is a marketplace or church leader, if your heart is the kingdom and the next generation of leadership, EPIC is for you.  

It is with my whole heart that I commend Apostle Axel Sippach and the EPIC network to you…God is still doing new things for his glory, and EPIC is a now opportunity for this season and the future.

Dr. Stan DeKoven                                                                                              

Founder and President                                                                                        

Vision International University and the                                                

International Training and Education Network