Celio Cruz & Dr. Verbenia Sousa / Orlando, Florida

Ap. CELIO CRUZ & Dr. VERBENIA SOUSA are Chief Apostles and Founders of Fire & Glory Apostolic International Ministry (Www.FireAndGloryMInistry.Org), INAMI – International Network of Apostolic Ministries (http://www.inaministries.org), what is a network of apostolic Leaders working under the FIVE-FOLD ministry vision, including MARKETPLACE ministries. The INAMI is a fellowship of diverse, spirit-filled Kingdom leaders, across the world with headquarters on the United States in Orlando, Florida. They came together to do the work of building the Kingdom of God here on earth, because they understand that now is the time when God is requiring well-equipped leaders to establish and exemplify his Glory. As a network of churches and ministries, their purpose is simple: to make an indelible impact on this generation, by following the New Covenant ministry example, committed to doing the work of ministry through, fellowship, ministry equipping, church planting, evangelism and mission outreach, with a strong Vision of KINGS and PRIESTS to conquer all areas of society to establish the Kingdom of GOD.
INAMI provides covering, counsel and training to churches and ministries that are looking to be blessed under an apostolic order. As a spiritual fathers and a fellowship of brothers and sisters, Apostle Celio da Cruz & Dr. Verbenia Sousa through the INAMI offer you a place where ministries can find covenant connection, partnership and encouragement to continue towards the God given vision and purpose for their life. As spiritual family, they endeavor to be spiritual advisers with the power and authority of the New Testament five-fold ministry.
Dr. Verbenia is a very dynamic international speakers who travels around the world preaching in English, Spanish and Portuguese. She is building a legacy on the Latin-American community. Also, is a marketplace minister, she has an strong calling for the Integrative Health of the Body of Christ, they are owners of High Level Heath And Wellness Center (www.highlevelhealthcenter.com), for where people travels from all of the world to get treatment with Dr. Verbenia whose web site is https://www.drverbenia.com. They passion to equip leaders brought them to stablish a Christian University called HLCU-High Level Christian University (http://www.hlcuniversity.org).

They lead the FGM Church-Orlando under a very modern perspective on a beautiful multi-facility building on the heart of Orlando where they main goal is to reach and work with Millennials and their families, preparing the next generation for the next move of God. They are a multicultural church composed by Brazilians, Latinos and Americans as well. Their services are all bilingual.

Globally speaking the apostles Celio and Verbenia are strong apostolic and prophetic leaders working as Voice of God for this season as a “box breakers” on traditional system, under a powerful prophetic anointing, releasing Purpose and Destiny wherever they go.

They have a special calling for INDIA where they have a very solid ministry called FGM INDIA, breaking traditions and stablishing the Kingdom of God through politic and marketplace there, where they run a business called “The fisherman community”.

You can reach Ap. Celio and Dr. Verbenia by email at [email protected] and [email protected]. Their phone numbers are 407-984-1010 (Ap. Celio) and 407-668-6025 (Dr. Verbenia).

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Dr. Verbenia Sousa 

PhD of Christian Clinical Psychology

Christian Counseling Services – Cog. Beh. Therapist

Certified Mental Health Natural Medicine Provider (CMHNMP) 

Certified in Natural Medicine & Nutrition 

Keto Dietary & Supplements Advisor 



407-668-6025 / 407-985-2498